White walls. Clean floor. Blind always open. These are the 3 rules for my bedroom. The light shines in and I love to see the sun rays filtering out into the hallway when my door is open. During the day the light never has to be on.

I love my bedroom. Since getting older, I have found solitude in my bedroom, seeing it as a peaceful, self retreat from the rest of my house. Not that I don’t like the rest of the house, I just really enjoy my bedroom. (See the gallery of my bedroom at the bottom of the article).

Now it’s time for some tips. I want to share the best of what I’ve learnt from caring so much about my bedroom, so you too can find the love you want within your own four walls.

  • White Walls. They make your room feel bigger! I used to have dark colours on my walls. Navy blue, orange, grey. But when I painted my walls white, it made my room feel bigger and gave it a feeling of cleanliness, even when it’s a bit messy.
  • Decoration. You can do whatever you want for decoration when you have white walls. Accent colours galore and not having to think if your artwork will match, it all looks good. Plus you can redecorate anytime and it will always look amazing. Change is good for the bedroom.
  • Plants. If you tend to work in your bedroom like myself, it’s nice to have plants. Plants are said to boost motivation, reduce stress levels, and increase creativity. Benefits that are perfect for the bedroom to keep the ultimate euphoric atmosphere.
  • Clean Closet. If you’re room is naturally messy, I can only imagine your closet. Keeping your closet organized and clean has amazing benefits, like morning productivity. It’s much easier to find what to wear for the day when your closet is organized and clean. I also like to go through my closet at the end of every season to see if there are clothes I can donate. If I didn’t wear it all winter (which for us Canadians is long) then I’m probably not going to wear again. Donate.
  • Diffuser. Hopping on the diffusing trend, I love to pump out those essential oils in my bedroom. I trend to lean towards the citrus oils. My current favourite is Liquid Sunshine from Saje. It has lime and grapefruit with some bergamot in there too. I also love Well-Being, from Saje. It has a bit more of woodsy feeling with it because of the ingredients of cypress and rosewood, but I mix it with plain orange and it makes the room and myself feel good. I also like to pump out Lavender before I go to bed. A good brand of oils that I love are called Now Essential Oils. They have great diffusers as well. You can buy them at The Town Pantry in New Hamburg (get Cheer Up Buttercup). The diffusion helps with cleaning the air and making your room feel comfortable and fresh.
  • No Screens After 8:30pm. Yes. You read that right. The light from the screen can mess up your bodies clock and make you stay awake longer. I try to turn away from all screens after 8:30pm (which is roughly an hour and half before I go to bed) because I notice a huge difference in the way that I sleep. I also have my phone and laptop set for Night Shift. It starts at 9pm and turns off at 9am. Some might not like that it turns your screen a yellow shade, but it’s better for your eyes then the white light. And I like it in the morning as well so it isn’t so harsh when I’m waking up.
  • Reading. Nothing’s better than curling up on your bed and reading a good magazine or book. Either during the day or before bed, reading helps your eyes calm which leads to a better sleep. Plus who doesn’t like to get drifted away by a story before bed?
  • Storage. I’m a spender. I like things and I will spend money on them. This tends to me bringing more stuff into my bedroom, which I do not like. So instead of buying less stuff (not an option), I purge and throw things away. If you haven’t used something in 6 months in your bedroom, there isn’t a chance you’ll use it again. So throw it away or donate it. Keep your bedroom as clear and clutter-less as possible. You’ll thank me for it later.

Btw, I listened to my Chill playlist while writing this blog and it made me feel more relaxed and productive. You can read the post here.

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