As some of you might know, I used to frequently run a music blog – Brett’s Music of the Now –  but now I have decided to just integrate music in the Brett Brieva Blog.

Music is a huge part of my life and I like all types. EDM, (some) country, pop, indie, alternative, oldies and the list goes on. All posts will have an Apple Music and Spotify link, for whatever streaming service you prefer.

This first post is: Chill. It’s a playlist created for a rainy day, blocking out noise from co-workers or when you have a lot of family over, or just the hour before getting ready to go to bed. It’s meant to calm your mind, make you focus, but also give you the feels.

Music from Autograf, Shallou, Fleetwood Mac and Lana Del Rey, all in one playlist, create a well rounded vibe for chilling you down in different ways. Yes there are some more uplifting songs, but they have that chillness you will need to calm down. Take a listen and share with your friends! Links below!

Apple Music



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